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Title Year Publisher Condition Price
Ajax Adventure Annual 1950? The Popular Press FR 6
The Bimbo Book 1982 D.C. Thomson VFN 3
Bobby Bear's Annual ? Dean PR - scribble and colouring in 5
The Children's Own Book 1960? ? FN i 8
Daredevil Annual 1977 World VFN 2
Dracula's Spine Chillers Annual 1982 World VFN  - p3 loose 4
Dracula's Spine Chillers Annual 1982 World GD - p.3 taped in, i, indentations on cover, tatty spine, game on back pages coloured in and inscription 1.50
Dr Seuss - The cat in the hat songbook 1968 Collins NM 7
Dr Seuss - If I ran the circus 1969 Collins FN tatty dust cover o/w NM 7
Favourite Annual for Boys 1960s? Dean & Son FN -spine strip missing 1 inch at top & bottom 3
The Jolly Play Box 1959 Collins FN 10
Joywheels 1950s? Birn Brothers Ltd GD 8
Larry Harmon's Laurel & Hardy Annual 1969 World FN pc 10
Little Star (Baby Crockett, Hoppity, The Carrot Tops)) 1975 DC Thomson VFN pc 5
Look and Learn Book 1966 Fleetway VFN - i 5
Monster Book for Boys 1950 Dean GD 5
Monster Book for Girls 1950 Dean FN 5
Monster Book for Children 1950? Dean VFN 5
News of the World Football & Sports Annual. 1950? Ed. Frank Butler NM 10
Playhour Annual 1957 Amalgamated Press GD 8
Teddy Bear Annual 1978 Fleetway VFN SOLD
The Tip Top Book 1951 Amalgamated Press FN edges show sign of wear, pc 35


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